Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Inspiration for Masala Dialogues in Movies?

After shUrpaNakha gets insulted by Lakshmana and goes to her brothers Khara and DuuShaNa, they get very angry and invade Rama with 14000 of their henchmen. Khara abuses and heaps insults on Rama and says 'I'll kill you at this instant'.

Then, Rama says to khara:

प्रहर त्वं यथा-कामं, कुरु यत्नं कुलाधम !
अद्य ते पातयिष्यामि शिरस्‌ ताळफलं यथा ॥
[You want to kill me? You want a piece of me?] Come, kill, give it a try if you wish, you wretched fellow!
Today I shall make your head fall like a palm fruit from its tree.

Don't think Samskrit is just for stotras.
This is how you can express your human feelings in Samskrit :-)