Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sri Raama - A Loser or Super Hero?

People talk about Ramayana. But how many of us know what Rama said in his own words, in various circumstances? For many, Rama is a maryaadaa puruShottama. By that they mean a humble, simble (simple), gendleman (gentleman) - an "idealistic" person, meaning not practical. If Rama were to be born today, he wouldn't survive for a minute with all the cunning, duplicity, diplomacy, business-savviness etc. needed to thrive. Some don't say it aloud for fear of blasphemy, but I sensed that many (except a few old-minded people) think that Ramayana is too idealistic and hence not very relevant to today's conditions. Nobody wants to be like Rama, as that'll be considered to mean a 'loser' and a 'sop'. There are others who worship him from a distance, but say that's too difficult a role model to imitate.

Today's hero is the ambitious person. It's the corporate CEO or the one who can swindle the largest mass of men with his mesmerizing speech and intellect. In Vedic psychology, the person adored today is the Rajasic man - the ambitious achiever and conqueror.

I will post a series of original Samskrit shlokas from Valmiki Ramayana that portray Rama's aggressiveness, acumen, diplomacy, leadership, resolve, 'can-do' attitude - the rajasic qualities that people look for today.
I will post them under the category, "Rama Vaakyam".

I feel we need to memorize some of these shlokas because, you never know when a thought inspires you to action.

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